Auckland Interschools Chess Finals


25th September



Event Information


Auckland Chess Centre

17 Cromwell Street, Mt. Eden, Auckland.


Tournament between champion schools teams from the 5 (North, South, East, West, Central) Auckland interschool regions.

There is a tournament for each of the 3 divisions (Primary, Intermediate, Secondary) of 5 teams each. Total of 15 teams in 3 tournaments.

Tournaments would be run as 5 round single round robins between teams.

Teams consist of 4 players (with optional reserve)

Players must be ranked in order of playing strength within a team; the order must be declared before the start of the event and must not change during the event.

Time Control

Chess clocks are used for all games.

Games are played with rapid time control of 25 minutes each player plus 5 seconds increment per move from move one.


Champion teams from the 5 Auckland regions would compete with all the other teams to determine how they rank against each other. In past years the Auckland Finals champion would go on to become the National Finals champion.

Teams playing in the Auckland Finals gain valuable experience through playing under the same time control as that used in the National Final. Being held on the Wednesday just before National Finals weekend keeps this experience fresh.


Self service tea and coffee is available in the Auckland Chess Centre club kitchen for accompanying adults.

There is no canteen available so players would need to bring their own food and drink.

Adult supervision to purchase food from nearby shops is the responsibility of the respective teams accompanying adults.

Entry Details

Entry is FREE. There are no entry fees.

All entries will be acknowledged and listed on this webpage.

Only the champion school from one of the 5 Auckland interschool regions qualifies to enter a team. If the champion school forgoes their place, the next highest ranked school (and so forth) from the region may enter a team.

Entry Submission

Entries close Wednesday 18th September 2019. Late entries may be accepted.

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Auckland Interschools Chess Finals